Horse Web

Horses are popular animals that are loved by many people within general society. As well as being involved in sports there are also horses that are owned by people as a form of love. Many people own their own horses in order to go riding on them and many people also go for horse riding lessons. Horses are large animals that come in numerous different breeds. The animals are four legged and are large; considerably bigger in size than humans. Horses have a history of being used as forms of transport; they can be used to ride on and in previous times they were popular for pulling carts, hence the name horse and cart.

Horse riding has become increasingly popular in the UK; it is especially popular because of the ideal weather conditions that the UK offers. Young people often learn to ride horses and it is a incredibly difficult skill to develop. Balance is highly important during horse lessons and the lessons are very popular with young girls. Some women also enjoy having horse riding lessons; the lessons can be very expensive. There are many different locations that offer horse riding lessons and these are often targeted at people of all different standards.

Many people choose to own horses due to their excellent behaviour and companionship that they offer. In order to own horses people will often require large areas of land and stables. If they do not have this people will have to pay to keep their horses on other peoples land or at professional stables. There are many different costs associated with owning horses. The initial cost of a horse is very expensive and then the ongoing upkeep costs are very expensive. Vet bills for horses are also very expensive but in many cases it is a key requirement for health checks to be carried out on horses.

As well as people owning horses and going for horse riding lessons, many people enjoy watching and partaking in horse racing. This is a sport which horses are involved in and it involves different horses competing. The winner of a horse race is the first horse through the finish line. Horses will be ridden by a jockey and their job is to spur the horse on to be the first to the end. As well as racing other horses the horses will often also have to jump over hurdles. There are many popular racing competitions within the UK, with the most popular being the Grand National.